"God Bless the Dream, the Dreamer and the Result." 

FaithWalk Clothing by William Renae

In today's world and in times past collaboration and partnering has been an instrumental strategy.  Partnering helps us to grow, learn, change and exchange ideas.  Even the Bible endorses partnering based on the scripture that says, "Where two or three are gathered, I am there."

I want to introduce to you a mother/son partnership, which currently launched a new clothing line.  The clothing line is called FaithWalk. The new line is created to encourage others to save themselves and to take control of their own destiny.

Renae Parker Benenson is a Mom, certified Chaplin (spiritual listener and encourager), writer and co-founder of FaithWalk.  William Marshall Parker II is a Son, entrepreneur, writer and co-founder of FaithWalk.  Together they compliment each other and have found support for their individual and collective growth and development.

They started FaithWalk because they get it.  They have figured out that their life is to get better spiritually, emotionally, financially, intellectually and physically it will be because they have prayed to God and believe that the Creator will equip them for the journey and fill them with unfathomable power to be and to do more than they can ever imagine.

Friday, May 29, 2009

'Haute Pink' Is the New Black

As economic woes plague the country, fashionistas are turning to bright, cheery colors—most notably hot pink, the Wall Street Journal reports. Even in New York, those who once wore only black are buying fuchsia ties and designing magenta kitchens. With men who might balk at the traditionally feminine hue, one hotel exec who planned a hot-pink restaurant calls the shade “mangenta.”

“Our best sell-throughs are not coming from black. They’re coming from bold, vibrant colors and patterns,” said a Saks exec. And it’s not just couture: Pink is showing up everywhere, from sofas to iPhones. The trend is likely linked to the need for hope in a bleak time: “I don’t mean to sound obvious,” says a Harper’s Bazaar editor, “but there’s a whole optimism thing going on here.

Lil Wayne Pupil Drake Thrills in NYC

Child-actor-turned-rapper Drake had fans and luminaries like Kanye West enthralled at a small New York show Tuesday, where the as-yet-unsigned artist tried to live up to the buzz.

“Drake's greatest gift is his ability to translate his love of rap's many styles into his own music,” Chris Ryan writes of the Lil Wayne protégé in the Village Voice. “His stage presence had a degree of effortless charm and showmanship that suggested a real star quality at work.”
Drake “had the crowd singing along with him from the start,” observes Jayson Rodriguez for MTV. “You would think he had a catalog albums-deep by the way his songs were being chanted.”
He’s “an extremely adept student, pairing the whimsical, intricate rhymes of Lil Wayne with the melodic gifts and self-flagellation of Kanye West,” notes Jon Caramanica in the New York Times. But while “he dressed the part” last night, “he never fully eased into it.”

Kansas Girl Wins Spelling Bee With 'Laodicean'

Cool and collected, Kavya Shivashankar wrote out every word on her palm and always ended with a smile. The 13-year-old Kansas girl saved the biggest smile for last, when she rattled off the letters to "Laodicean" to become the nation's spelling champion. The budding neurosurgeon outlasted 11 finalists tonight to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee, taking home more than $40,000 in cash and prizes and the huge champion's trophy.

After spelling the winning word, which means lukewarm or indifferent in religion or politics, Kavya got huge hugs from her father, mother, and little sister. Second place went to 12-year-old Tim Ruiter of Centreville, Va., the youngest finalist. He misspelled "maecenas," which means a cultural benefactor.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not Forgiving, Stops the Flow


To keep the blessings flowing, you have to forgive. Take a step back and analyze the situation that has you HOT, QUICKLY. Most of the time, the situation is petty and could have been squashed right at that moment, but most of us are stubborn and think it's our way or no way.

So many opportunities could be lost if you hold a grudge. If you can work through the situation do it, if not, let it go COMPLETELY. This situation should not take up any space in your mind. There's only room for positive, productive thoughts. Harboring negative ill feelings clouds your vision and clogs the ears from hearing the still small voice which is GOD directing you.

I'm trying to GET IT! GET whatever blessings that my FATHER has for me. Holding a grudge will stop my flow. That I'm not having!

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Skinny Jeans: Health Hazard

Skinny jeans might be crushing nerves in the very thighs they’re supposed to flatter, MSNBC reports. Experts say they’ve seen a spat of young women suffering from meralgia paresthetica, or “tingling thigh syndrome,” caused by wearing ridiculously tight jeans. It occurs whenever constant pressure is applied to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, causing a tingling or burning sensation.

Typically, the condition afflicts obese people or construction workers. Sometimes, it’s seatbelts in an accident. But lately, the main culprit has been skinny jeans. Those wearing high heels are particularly susceptible. But don’t worry, fashion slaves; the damage isn’t usually permanent. “It doesn’t make me hesitate to wear my jeans,” said the editor of Fashionista.com, “the same way I don’t hesitate to wear the shoes I wear.”

Woman Won 'Male Rights' Fighting in Civil War

A veteran of 40 Civil War skirmishes and battles kept one secret under wraps: her breasts. Union Army soldier Albert Cashier was really Jennie Hodgers, one of hundreds of women who fought in the war. "The country needed men, and I wanted excitement," Hodgers said. She also benefited from 19th-century male-only rights like a paycheck, a ballot, and an independent life, NPR reports.

When the military uncovered Hodgers' deception, former comrades fought for her veteran's pension. Hodgers settled in sleepy Saunemin, Ill., where the remains of her house inspire pride in some residents and shame in others to this day. The town plans to rebuild the house and organize historical tours. "I wouldn't like to think that that's what puts us on the map," says one farmer, "but maybe it is."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

'The Shot' by LeBron Has Echoes of Jordan

LeBron James' 3-point bomb at the buzzer last night to beat Orlando is the stuff of legend. In fact, writes Jodie Valade in the Plain Dealer, it invokes another classic shot in Cavaliers' history, this one by Michael Jordan 20 years ago to beat Cleveland. "He was born to do that," said guard Sasha Pavlovic of James. "I believed. I think all our fans believed, too." The Eastern finals are now tied at 1-1.

“That was an instant classic," added guard Mo Williams. Cavs coach Mike Brown says the play went according to plan. They figured the Magic would look for Lebron to catch a pass near the basket and put in an easy 2-pointer to tie. Instead, he caught the inbound pass outside the 3-point stripe. “He just made a crazy shot,” a Magic defender said. “You can't do anything about that.”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spielberg Snags MLK Movie Rights

The first authorized biopic of Martin Luther King Jr. will be a Steven Spielberg production. The filmmaker's DreamWorks studio has obtained the rights from King's family, NPR reports. No word yet on whether Spielberg himself will direct or who will play the main role (Denzel? Jamie Foxx?). King’s children are notoriously protective of his legacy, and approval apparently came from son Dexter, who runs the estate. “We hope that this will be the definitive film on his life and legacy,” he said.

New Orleans Will Host 2013 Super Bowl

The NFL gave New Orleans a little post-Katrina love today, announcing that the city will host the Super Bowl in 2013, the Times-Picayune reports. "From every perspective, this shows that our city is on the rise, viable and thriving," said Saints owner Tom Benson. "Maybe we don't need to talk about New Orleans being on the way back anymore. New Orleans is back, and today is proof."

The move follows a deal between the state and the Saints that will keep the team in the city through 2025 and provide renovations to the Superdome. "There's no doubt that the spirit of our people who persevered through four storms in just over three years played a critical role in securing the Super Bowl," said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Epiphany? No. 1 Album More a Shock for Chrisette Michele

She’s already got a Grammy, but Chrisette Michele still needed time to recover from the shock of seeing her sophomore album debut atop the Billboard charts last week. Epiphany covers new ground for the singer-songwriter, who relinquished some songwriting duties this time around to R&B singer Ne-Yo. The young artist, often compared to Billie Holiday, tells CNN that the collaboration was a real challenge at first.

“I was afraid that if somebody took the pen and the pad that it would suddenly turn into somebody else,” she says. “But he did a wonderful job of capturing Chrisette Michele and it was a beautiful experience.”

I Got My Second Wind


After a long journey, fatigue sets in. This journey is the accomplishing of your objectives. The journey will bring blood, sweat and tears, hours, days, months or years of work. Genius recording artist Prince Roger Nelson said " It took me 20 years to become an overnight success". Singer Betty Wright said " No Pain, No Gain". Comedian Steve Harvey said " You always have to hustle".

Along the way of this journey, WE have to rest and regroup mentally & physically by praying, mediating and thanking GOD for our current position. After frequent times of rest/ regrouping, We'll regain our strength, our focus, our energy is replenished and our mind is cleared of clutter, NOW! Let's get back to work, WE'VE got our Second Wind. Don't quite, We Can Do It!

You Can Do It (And you know that you can)
Al Hudson & One Way

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'Typing Difficxult': Climber Tweets From Everest

He calls it the "highest blog in the world": Gavin Bate, an Irish mountain climber, has been scaling Mount Everest for the past month, sending 140-character updates on his progress via Twitter. Today he's expected to reach the summit, where he'll try to post several sponsored tweets to raise money for a development charity, TechCrunch reports.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Branson's Next Launch: Virgin Internet Bank

Capitalizing on public disgust with Britain’s big banks, Richard Branson plans to launch an Internet bank through subsidiary Virgin Money that will take deposits and offer mortgages, the Guardian reports. Branson is talking to investors and some US banks about financial backing and could set in motion more ambitious plans to acquire Northern Rock if the government decides to sell part of it back to the public before 2010 elections.

Cheaper 'Fast Fashion' Booms in Japan

In Tokyo’s Harajuku district, designer brands are making way for cheaper “fast fashion” stores, where $100 buys an outfit, bag, shoes, and accessories. The most recent chain to debut, Forever 21, drew massive crowds—in a scene reminiscent of November, when 2,500 did the same thing next door at H&M’s opening. Fast fashion “is a hot issue in Japan’s fashion industry,” one analyst tells Time.

Rather than cutting off spending entirely, Japanese recessionistas are buying more down-market items—a “Gucci handbag and Forever 21 top” attitude, Forever 21’s president says; the chain plans to open more than 100 stores in Japan. With luxury-brand sales in Japan expected to decline 10%, these stores seem primed for success—but analysts warn they’ll need to pay more attention to quality to succeed.

Stop Mentioning It! If it's Negative


There's Power in the Spoken Word. Whatever WE speak comes into Fruition. Stop mentioning what's going on with gas prices and the ecomony, stop mentioning anything negative.

The only thing that should be coming out of your mouth is GOOD. We don't care to talk about that negative nonsense. Let's talk about a business venture. Let's talk about helping someone that really needs it. Let's talk about the positive impact we are going to make tomorrow.

We don't want to gossip on negative! If it ain 't GOOD, keep that madness to yourself.

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Breakdown Trumps Even Idiot

After Green Day’s multi-platinum American Idiot, anticipation is off the charts for today’s release of 21st Century Breakdown. And it doesn’t disappoint. Here’s what critics are saying:

It’s “so masterful and confident it makes Idiot seem like a warm-up,” says Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone. Green Day’s become “the sort of band that isn't supposed to exist anymore—raging with heart-on-sleeve passion, willing to risk falling on their faces with a grand statement.”
The plot’s less forced this time, and if this is what it takes to produce such ambitious music, “then bring on the fiction workshops,” writes Ann Powers of the LA Times.
“Is this the same guy the world met in a video where he sat on a sofa singing about smoking pot and jerking off?” marvels Kyle Ryan of the Onion AV Club. In between the bread-and-butter pop-punk, he says, Breakdown is ambitious, bold and fun.

Can You See It!


Can you see what's at the end of your rainbow.
Use your imagination unceasingly. Like a painter, Your imagination is the canvas, draw what you want mentally and hold on to that picture until it becomes reality. Always Aim High! Donnie Simpson from Video Soul on BET back in the day would end his show saying " Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll be amongst the stars". Can You See It? You have to see it clearly before it pops for you. Sorry, a little too hip there - Before it manifests or shows up in your life.

Can You See It? Be careful who you share your picture with, people don't mean to, but they have a tendency to have something unproductive to say, that might detour you from proceeding. You call them Haters, I call them Dream Killers or Kill Joy's.

Dream Dream Dream, use your imagination. Can You See It? Nobody can enter your mind and ruin your portrait unless YOU allow them to.

You should know by now about YOU being in complete Control. Can You See It?
What's at the end of your rainbow?

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Businessmen Strip Off the Power Suit

To the list of casualties of the economic crisis, add the three-button power suit. And don't cry for the fashion industry—men are investing in replacements for their cookie-cutter wool security blankets, making men's clothing priced over $100 one of the few bright spots in the bleak retail landscape, reports the New York Times. "It’s the preppy chic these guys have been into, and they’re just refining it," says a Berdorf's exec.

“I have guys coming in here saying, ‘I don’t want to look like a banker anymore,’” one boutique owner says. GQ cover boy Zac Efron, clad in a slim-cut suit with a gingham shirt and knit tie, epitomizes the trend. “This time, guys have looked at the downturn, and said, ‘I have to look the part, find ways to compete,’” one analyst said.

On Relapse, Eminem Still Nasty, Still Genius

Eminem’s new album, Relapse, is as crude as you might expect, but his unflinching examination of his drug addiction has floored some critics. Overall, people love it or hate it.

"The power of Relapse comes from Em aiming his beat-downs at his truest target, himself," Rob Sheffield writes in Rolling Stone. It's "a more painful, honest and vital record than anyone could have expected at this late date."
"For anyone who carried a glimmer of hope that this talented if perverse MC had a great album in him," Greg Kot writes in the Chicago Tribune, "Relapse is a wake-up call."
Neil McCormick, writing in the Telegraph, gasps at Em's "verbal dexterity and audacity," and applauds the move to drop "his own often substandard production work to let original musical collaborator Dr. Dre handle backing tracks."
Eminem may be a fantastic rapper, Jim DeRogatis writes in the Chicago Sun-Times, but "there's an air of weary resignation in those words and in the rapper's delivery as he returns to venting his frustrations and taking out his boundless anger on any target that's handy: This shtick is well and truly played, and he knows it."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Entrepreneur's Vintage Shades Slide Up the A-List

Shades are a precious necessity for paparazzi-wary celebs, but Jack Bernstein has no sympathy. The vintage-sunglasses peddler demands top dollar—up to $25,000—for his tricked-out eyewear, often scooped up at flea markets, American Way magazine reports. With his own Los Angeles shop and an upcoming line, Bernstein has caught, and shaded, the eyes of Brad Pitt, Beyoncé, Fergie, John Travolta, and Jay-Z.

Bernstein takes vintage Diors, Cazals, Alpinas, and Ray-Bans, and reshapes and outfits them for his clients’ faces. The result is a customized pair no other celeb will be caught wearing. If his clients pick a pair that looks bad, Bernstein will be the first to say so. “I’ll argue with them right in the store,” he says. “I don’t want anyone wearing my stuff looking ridiculous.”

Talent vs Drive (Hustle)


We all have turned on the radio or television and said how the hell did he/she get a record deal or get put on? We all know somebody that has more talent, but why aren't they out there?

Drive is Hustle, and believe it or not Drive wins over Talent all day. There are million dollar moguls in the hip hop world that can barely put a decent sentence together, but their Drive (Hustle) got them where they are. Talented people without Drive (Hustle) will just be Talented people.

Drive (Hustle) is belief in yourself when nobody else does. Drive (Hustle) is learning everything there is to know about your desire.
Drive (Hustle) is continuing to do it until you've mastered it. Drive (Hustle) is to stay focused.

Here are a couple of my favorite bible verses that can help your Drive (Hustle):

Psalm 37:4 and GOD shall give you the desires of your heart.

Proverbs 24:7 as a man Thinketh so is he.

You can do ALL things through Christ Jesus, which strengthens you.

If you are blessed with exceptional talent in something, get out there and let the world know what GOD has blessed you with.

GOD has put a desire in everybody's heart, GO full force. Your Drive (Hustle) will see you through.

I'm A Hustler JayZ/Cassidy
Everyday I'm Hustlin Rick Ross

The list of songs with Hustler goes on & on but I'm talking about Drive (Hustle). Not the Hustlin that can get you killed or locked up.

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Monday, May 11, 2009

How to Free Creative You

Tough times tend to foster innovation. If your wallet is feeling a pinch, capitalizing on your creativity may be a way to help, says ABC News. Here are some tips on how to get your brain moving:

Let your thoughts wander. Allowing your ideas to roam freely can "trigger a 'eureka' moment."
Take up the piano. Playing music helps you think with both sides of the brain at once.
Surround yourself with blue. For some reason—maybe it's thoughts of the open sea—the color blue has been shown to inspire creativity.
Seek out creative people. Ideas often emerge through exchange and interaction, rather than solitude.
Live in a new country. Research shows a change of scene can be a good source of inspiration.

Old School? New School? Kids Rap to Better Grades

A novel afterschool program, developed in Chicago and Cleveland and just now hitting Denver, uses rap music to make kids better students, the Post reports. “They learn about similes, different poetic devices,” the program’s founder said. They “learn to rap a Shakespearean piece.” One decidedly non-Shakespearean result: “I got to go to college to get my education/So I can be in a situation/That's better than the federation.”

A study showed that after 4 years, students in the program “did significantly better in standardized testing” and “attention spans in the classroom,” the founder said. The sessions, supervised by local musicians, seem to have a revelatory effect on students. They “tell us we should stay in school because school is like a big rap, if you put it all together,” one young rhythmic scholar said. “Like math and accounting and stuff.”

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The ME Bill


Bills, Bills, Bills. We all got em! They all need to be paid on time. As we get older and get ready to do bigger things, you'll see why good credit is so important. There's one bill that should always be paid on time and that's the ME bill. The ME bill is your SAVINGS. A lot of people work paycheck to paycheck due to the crazy economy in 2008, but
you have to pay the ME BILL first or second. Some say pay yourself first, others say pay your tithes first. Whatever your belief is the ME BILL has to be paid.

If you need a loan (business or personal) in the future, it's much easier to be approved with some of your own money in a Savings account. It seems banks only loan money when you have some. Paying the ME Bill is also important if an unforeseeable incident occurs. Save SOMETHING! 20%, 10%, 5% or 1% of what you make AND DON'T TOUCH IT!
If your credit is jacked up and you can't get a savings account at a bank, you still NEED to SAVE! It doesn't make any since to just work for years and years and not have anything to show for it. There are some smart people out there that know the importance of paying the ME Bill, if you didn't know, NOW YOU KNOW. Pay Yourself, Pay the ME BILL!

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New York City's own MIMS after performing Move If you Wanna, produced by Chi-Town's The Internz along with William Renae, CEO FaithWalk Clothing

Women's USA Tees for Sale

Available in All Colors.
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Men's USA Tee for Sale

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Going Down The GOD Brick Road


Time to take the journey down the GOD brick road. The beginning of the road starts right where you stand. We have everything we need for our
excursion. Booker T Washington said, "Start with what you have, knowing that what you have is plenty". The GOD brick road leads to happiness,
prosperity, peace, order, wisdom, in other words, EVERYTHING GOOD!

Regardless if a successful person acknowledges GOD as the director of his success, he/she traveled the road by using the Law of Attraction.
That's another name for the GOD Brick Road. It all starts with US! Our thoughts! Our thoughts! Our thoughts! Dr. Johnnie Coleman says "It Works If You Work It". We can set ourselves up to live plush or to be poor. It's Our Thoughts that get us what we want, GOOD or bad. Use the Law of Attraction or the GOD brick road, to bring GOOD into your life.

Please share this with someone you know that feels they have no control of what happens in their life. If they feel it's over, then it is, but when they change their mind for GOOD, it's on and poppin. And So It Is!

Have A Wonderful LIFE

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Motivational Speaker, 3 Feet Tall and Rising

Sean Stephenson is 30 years old, 3 feet tall, and can’t walk without help. And that’s why he is a successful motivational speaker, psychologist, and former Bill Clinton staffer, the Chicago Tribune reports. When he broke his leg at age 10—his condition, osteogenesis imperfecta, makes him vulnerable to fracture—his mother asked him a pointed question. “Is this going to be a gift or a burden?”

Stephenson’s parents were instrumental to his rise. “We tried to instill a lot of positive things in his life, but he took it and ran with that.” Stephenson is occasionally heckled by other disabled people who say he doesn’t “identify with my disability enough,” but he doesn’t sweat it. “Being 3 feet tall and in a wheelchair is about 2% of who I am. I’m more than able. I’m playing large.”

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mine That Bird Pulls Off 50-1 Derby Shocker

Mine That Bird, a 50-1 longshot picked by none of horse racing's intelligentsia, pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the 135-year history of the Kentucky Derby today, writes Ed McNamara of Newsday. The "disrespected little gelding" trailed the entire pack of 19 horses after 6 furlongs before making his move and prompting a buzz of "Who's the No. 8" among the 153,000 at Churchill Downs, writes McNamara. He won by nearly 7 lengths.

"You've got a hole, you've got a shot," said jockey Calvin Borel, who trailed by 11 lengths with a quarter-mile to go. "I didn't know he'd give me that kind of response, but I figured he was going to finish. It's not the first half-mile that counts, it's the last one." Unheralded trainer Bennie "Chip" Woolley Jr. of New Mexico drove the horse 1,700 miles to the track himself with a trailer hitched to his Ford pickup. The experts gave him no chance. "How little we know," writes McNamara.

Holy Twitter! Pastors Urge Tweeters to Type in Church

Twittering in church is the latest rage among cutting-edge congregations, as some pastors turn to the social-networking tool to encourage interaction among worshipers. Pastors hope the technology will help build community and nurture dialogue, reports Time. One Michigan pastor spent weeks educating his congregation about how to use Twitter in church, and he flashes blurbs from worshipers on screen during services, such as: "Nothing u do 4 the lord is in vain" and "Awesome music today."

"It's a huge responsibility of a church to leverage whatever's going on in the broader culture to connect people to God and to each other," said a pastor.

For NYC Homeless, Soccer a Field of Dreams

It's a small step from the streets of New York to the bright lights of the soccer field, the New York Times finds in a look at Street Soccer USA, a nonprofit that's giving homeless men the chance to pull themselves up by their cleat-straps. The 16-city network turns shelter residents, suffering from a lack of exercise and a surplus of despair, into confident teammates in matching red jerseys networking with the white-collar corporate teams they're playing—and making strides toward integrating back into society.

Founder Lawrence Cann, himself a college soccer standout, lays down ground rules when recruiting his ragtag players: no getting drunk or high before practice, call out the name of your receiver, and keep the coach up to date about how you're doing. It's not “a return to being normal, but it makes me feel like myself again,” says one player. “Two weeks ago, that was the first time that I forgot. I forgot where I was and what was going on.” So far, one player has gone home to his family, and another scored a job and apartment.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coldplay Will Give Concertgoers Free CDs

Coldplay will give away a free copy of its new live CD to every audience member at shows this year, BBC reports. Starting on May 15 in Florida, the band will give fans the nine-track LeftRightLeftRightLeft as a "recession-busting mark of gratitude." The album, which includes live versions of "Clocks" and "Viva la Vida," will also be made available for free download on Coldplay's website.

Derby Favorite I Want Revenge Is Scratched

Kentucky Derby favorite I Want Revenge has been scratched because of an ankle injury, reports Newsday. The 3-year-old colt—the morning line had him at 3-1 odds to win today's race—showed soreness in his left front ankle after an early workout, said trainer Jeff Mullins. "We could tell he wasn't 100 percent." The new favorites: Dunkirk and Pioneer of the Nile at 4-1, followed by Friesan Fire at 5-1, notes the Online Gambling Paper.

"We detected a trace of heat in the left front ankle," said Mullins, who doesn't think the horse will be ready for the Preakness, either. "With the weather and the track being pressed down because of all the rain, we didn't know how he would handle it with the surface being so hard. We just thought that in the best interests of the horse, we're not going to run."