"God Bless the Dream, the Dreamer and the Result." 

FaithWalk Clothing by William Renae

In today's world and in times past collaboration and partnering has been an instrumental strategy.  Partnering helps us to grow, learn, change and exchange ideas.  Even the Bible endorses partnering based on the scripture that says, "Where two or three are gathered, I am there."

I want to introduce to you a mother/son partnership, which currently launched a new clothing line.  The clothing line is called FaithWalk. The new line is created to encourage others to save themselves and to take control of their own destiny.

Renae Parker Benenson is a Mom, certified Chaplin (spiritual listener and encourager), writer and co-founder of FaithWalk.  William Marshall Parker II is a Son, entrepreneur, writer and co-founder of FaithWalk.  Together they compliment each other and have found support for their individual and collective growth and development.

They started FaithWalk because they get it.  They have figured out that their life is to get better spiritually, emotionally, financially, intellectually and physically it will be because they have prayed to God and believe that the Creator will equip them for the journey and fill them with unfathomable power to be and to do more than they can ever imagine.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Common Hails Triumph of Actual Style Over Bling

The world of hip-hop style is forsaking gaudy bling for refinement, to the delight of trendsetting rapper-actor Common. “It’s great that is gone,” he tells the Los Angeles Times of the pendant-and-Cristal days. “That really didn't exemplify style. It was just like, ‘I have the money to buy this.’” Common takes a more enlightened approach. “You gotta try things. You gotta be courageous.”

“Good style is about having an eye for quality things and putting them together so they have a feel and integrity and flavor,” Common continues. His icons are Miles Davis—“sharp and progressive”—and Malcolm X—“clean look” but “interesting.” Original, uncommon pieces are key, he says. Having your own distinct style “is almost like having a woman in your life who hasn’t been all over town.”

Best Rock Comebacks of All Time

In honor of Blur’s triumphant return Sunday at the Glastonbury Festival, the Independent compiles a list of the best rock-and-roll comebacks:

Elvis Presley: The King was practically a has-been in 1968, following his army stint and a string of lackluster films. His black-leather-clad, blues-heavy appearance on an NBC Christmas show that year revived his career.
Brian Wilson: He turned the Beach Boys from surf rockers to groundbreaking musicians, but his mental health took him out of the spotlight. In 2004—37 years after he conceived Smile, the follow-up to Pet Sounds—it was finally released, to glowing reviews.
Johnny Cash: He was at the top of his game for decades, but by the mid-1980s Cash was having trouble finding an audience. Finally, his last album, recorded after the death of his wife, became his first to go gold—after his death.
Green Day: The 1990s phenoms lost fans when they went folksy in the early 2000s, but 2006’s American Idiot—and its anti-Bush rhetoric—became the group's most popular album to date.
The Eagles: Don Henley vowed hell would have to freeze over before they got back together—14 years later, they reunited to release Hell Freezes Over. And they’re still selling out tours.

Number#1 PG in the Nation for 2009

If it were not for the rules, this guy would have been the Number#1 NBA Draft Pick in 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Multiple Hustle Era


Let's be real. The average person with a 9 to 5 job, knows that in this day and age, that check isn't enough. We're in a multiple hustle era. The day of the man just bringing home the bacon is over. There's something that you've been wanting to do, GOD has been tapping on your heart with a specific desire. Now's the time to DO IT. Everything's going up in price, but your 9 to 5 check stays the same. Multiple Hustles are needed to stay above water.

If you don't know what your desire is at this present moment, look at your current position at work. Is there something that you can do part time to earn extra money. Exploit every single possibility where you are.

What comes natural to you? Or what do you like or love to do? I have a friend whose wife can get down in the kitchen, Cooking & Baking comes natural. That's a hustle. If you were blessed with singing talent, there are tons of music producers looking for session vocalists. Everybody won't make it to Jill Scott or Aretha Franklin status, but it's a hustle.
I have another associate that is a rapper that hasn't seen much progress with his rap career, now he's writing songs for others and collecting publishing checks, That's A Hustle.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot. Maybe going from full time to part time at your current job to pursue a passion. Have faith, take a chance. Go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is.

The Citi Bank corp fired 6500 people. What are these people going to do. I pray for their well being. Now it's time for them to dig deep within. We should look at the GOOD in everything. It could be a blessing for most of them. Now they're forced to start that new business or pursue their passion, which will generate more money than they were making.

All of us aren't blessed with leadership skills and are not cut out to be entrepreneurs, but we have associates that are running their own businesses. See if you can help them, in turn you can learn how they are running a business and get paid a little something for your time. That's a Hustle.

There's no security working for an employer in this era.

We need to start teaching our little one's to get an education and not just get a job but learn how to run and manage their own MULTIPLE HUSTLES.

You Can't Knock The Hustle JayZ
Everyday I'm Hustlin Rick Ross

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Drake Album 'Compulsively Listenable'

Somehow, rapper Drake recorded an album concerned mostly with “the stresses and travails of fame, even if he recorded the damn thing when he wasn’t famous in any meaningful way”—and then became famous thanks to said album, writes Tom Breihan for Pitchfork. Though he’s “not a great rapper,” Drake’s So Far Gone “still scans as one of the most compulsively listenable mixtapes of a great year for mixtapes.”

Drake, the Lil Wayne protégé who went from an actor on Canada’s Degrassi: The Next Generation to Rihanna’s maybe-boyfriend, struggles with “halting and awkward” lyrics that “barely even make sense” half the time. But “when he swings from rapping to buttery teen-idol singing, it feels organic and effortless, like he’s just doing whatever makes the most sense at any given moment.”

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Be Very Specific


There is Power in the spoken WORD and whatever you SPEAK will come to pass, if you BELIEVE. We have to be very specific and detailed in our decree. The following story explains.

There was a man in the gate area at the airport, awaiting a seat on a nearly full flight. He missed his original flight and was put on stand by on the next flight to his destination. He repeatly affirmed "Im going to get on this plane".

He got on the plane. This showed the POWER of the spoken WORD, but he wasn't specific enough in his request. He got on the plane but didn't get a seat.

We have to be very specific and detailed on what we want. When we pray and meditate, be concise and clear, because you get exactly what you ask for.

I want a Record Deal. Better yet, I want a successful career as a artist/producer where I get a deal retaining 100% of my Material.

I want to be Rich. Why not say, I want to obtain 2 million dollars by the age of 35.

I want to lose weight. Be more specific, I Am going to lose 10 lbs by December 25.

There's POWER in the Spoken WORD, The point is to be more specific when you speak.

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

10 Essential Jackson Videos

Michael Jackson videos are once again hot commodities. Here are Newser's top 10 posted on YouTube and showing up on favorites lists all over (to see them, click on "Videos" at left):

His 1983 Motown TV performance, in which he shows off his moonwalk.
"Beat It"
"Billie Jean"
"I'll Be There"
"Black or White"
"Remember the Time"

NBA Draft: Fashion Victors and Victims

Women get excited over dresses at the Oscars. J.E. Skeets of Yahoo Sports gets excited about suits at the NBA draft. Here are his picks for the best- and worst-dressed players at last night's big event:

Best Dressed: Brandon Jennings—"What's not to like?"
Worst Dressed: Hasheem Thabeet wasn’t a disaster, but "shiny light grey on a seven-foot-three-inch frame is not a great look."
Best Dressed (Runner-Up): Blake Griffin, in the "best purple of the night."
Best Tie: Ricky Rubio, whose skinny tie conveyed attitude. "An attitude that apparently doesn't want to play in frigid Minnesota."
Worst Tie: No wonder Jordan Hill got booed.
Worst Sweater: Why was Austin Daye wearing a sweater? File under "suit that looks good now but will definitely look bad in old NBA footage."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stunning US Soccer Upset Matches 'Miracle on Ice'

Last night's stunning soccer victory over Spain by the US team ranks up there with 1980's "Miracle on Ice" Olympic defeat of the Russians as one of the greatest upsets ever pulled off by Americans, George Vecsey writes in the New York Times. The Confederations Cup victory over the world's top-ranked soccer team may not transform the US into a soccer powerhouse overnight, but the defeat made it a thrilling spectacle, notes Vecsey.

The US will now play South Africa or Brazil in the final. But the most important legacy from this win may be an easier draw at the World Cup, now that the US has leapfrogged Mexico to become North America's top soccer team. "This was not the World Cup, but it was an important tournament in the march toward 2010," Vecsey writes. "This victory needs to be savored on its own by the players and their loyal fans."

In Women's Fashion, No Irony After 50

When 50-year-old Madonna showed up at the Met’s costume gala last month wearing a mini-dress and a bow shaped like rabbit ears, it begged the question: How old is too old for ironic touches like knee socks and pigtails? And more importantly, why can’t over-50 women wear certain things, writes Cathy Horyn in the New York Times. “It’s like fighting with the wind,” says one art director.

“People don’t get the joke,” adds a stylist—like Madonna’s outfit, which riffed on Paris fashion. Older women “can’t wear that porkpie hat,” the stylist continues. “People will think you’ve lost it.” Not everyone agrees: “The reason I dress this way isn’t just to have fun with fashion,” says one grandmother/couture collector who recently went out in a pink tulle skirt. “It’s attention-getting—let’s face it.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making of Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience w/ Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli

What’s next for a man who’s walked on the moon? For 79-year-old astronaut Buzz Aldrin, it’s recording a rap song, USA Today reports. “I'm not too good at carrying a tune, but I do have rhythm,” says Aldrin, who collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy, and Quincy Jones on “Rocket Experience.” Buzz has “the biggest buzz on the streets right now,” says Snoop. “I only work with the best.”

Aldrin, whose ShareSpace science and exploration foundation benefits from song sales, wants to reach out to the younger generation. “I want kids interested in space,” he says. “It's their future.” The accompanying Funny or Die “making of” video features Quincy Jones pumping Aldrin’s “great groove.” Aldrin, at first hesitant to go the comedy route, eventually determined that “when it comes to getting people's attention, comedy goes a long way.”

Why Money Evades You


"Money is the root of all evil", " It's easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to get into heaven". These were two quotes that were taught years ago and some are still using them today. It's such a shame to teach anybody this NONSENSE.

Some look down on religious leaders who teach prosperity. These people will always be where they are begging for GOD to help them. GOD doesn't want us to be poor. HE gives us choices to create our own world. You Bring About What You Think About. So if you think money is a bad thing and don't think about it, YOU WON'T EVER HAVE IT!

We all know about the paradise of HEAVEN. Why not enjoy HEAVEN on earth. Think on GOOD things at all times. Money is a GOOD Thing. If you think that GOD wont allow a rich man/woman in heaven, I feel sorry for you. Because your time here on earth is going to be a living hell.

GOD is your source & supply, but you have to think about HIM being your source, which means thinking not just about money, but about perfect health, about wisdom & understanding, all things GOOD come from GOD.

This is a new day, teach your loved one's that GOOD thoughts of money is how GOD blesses you with it.

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Mars Volta Shows Softer Side

With the latest release, Mars Volta has lived up to its “best prog-rockers of 2008” title, writes Mike Ragogna for the Huffington Post. Octahedron “may bang a little less, but musically competes with most classic albums of that genre.” And—good news for anyone put-off by the band’s tendency toward the obscure—it’s also “their most accessible album yet.”

The almost-acoustic music “gives this vessel a mystic coat of paint,” Ragogna continues. “Though some tracks do rock, this is a brand of Volta we've only heard hints of on earlier records, and their version of ‘acoustic’ is really just relative.” Fans who are a bit let down by the “mellow” pace and “somewhat pared-down” music will be happy to discover that “the lyrics still kick and claw.”

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iranian Rockers Won't Stay Mute on Crisis

Iranian band Hypernova arrived in the US in 2007 ready to rock—but not prepared to be caught condemning their home government. Now, as demonstrators flock to protest Iran’s election results, singer “King Raam” is turning up the political volume, the Global Post reports. “There are so many flaws in this election one doesn’t even know where to begin,” he says.

His goal: to get so big he’s “literally untouchable” when, someday, he goes home. “I’ll be so famous that they can do their worst—throw me in jail or whatever—I’ll be on the cover of Time,” Raam says. Meanwhile, “I’ve actively been helping other kids in the underground” of Iranian rock—amid a ban on Western music—“trying to get their visas, trying to get them into festivals.”

Drake Is Next LL Cool J: Jamie Foxx

Drake is not only dating Rihanna and prepping to sign with a new label for his debut album in the next few days. The Canadian-born singer is also winning support from the likes of 50 Cent and Jamie Foxx, MTV and Sohh.com report. "He can go as gangster as he wants, but when he sings, that is the X-factor," said Foxx, who recently sang with Drake on a remix of his Foxx's single, "Digital Girl."

"Usually, when you see an artist of today, they do one thing—maybe they perform a song or do a great hook—but you seldom see a guy who can walk a song, all from the R&B end, and then be on a track with Bun B," Foxx said. G-Unit leader 50 Cent is amazed by Drake's rise: "The kid is coming up," he said. "I heard Jay-Z got him on his single. That was ill, like, that was fast!"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's None Of Your Business


People are so caught up in what others think of them. My mentor Les Brown would say "It's none of my business, what you think about me". He taught that years ago and it stuck.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Don't go through life trying to please everybody because it will never happen. Bill Cosby said it best, " I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody".

Today we call them haters, but you really can't look at them like that. Don't get me wrong, there are people out here that don't want you to pass them up, but the others just have an opinion from their point of view. You can't live your life from other people's point of view. You have to point out your own view.

The greats were always looked at differently and criticized, now they are great and others are copying what they do.

I admire and have so much respect for people who do it their way and don't give a damn about what others say. Do it your way!

You will always hear " I don't like the way he/she... dresses, plays, talks, walks, raps, mixes etc.
That's their opinion, and they are entitled to it, but don't live your life caring what others think about you. If you do, it's over for you before you even get started.

"It's None of My Business, What You think of me". Les Brown

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16-Year-Old Quits School for Pros

A 16-year-old baseball player is skipping his last 2 years of high school to head to college—and hopefully a big-league contract, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Bryce Harper’s father acknowledges that “there are going to be critics” of the move, but says “Bryce is always looking for his next challenge. He's going to pursue his education, too.”

His son “initiated” the decision to get a GED, Ron Harper told the Review-Journal. Finishing high school qualifies him for the 2010 draft, the San Jose Mercury News notes. While the .625 hitter’s move is “controversial,” it “makes sense,” writes John Ryan. Top high-schoolers are already “professionals in every sense but the paycheck,” and the decision to head for the majors “is honest.”

Hip-Hop? Heck, No! Black Singer Embraces Country

Liz Toussaint is a rising country music star, but her journey was a bit unorthodox: The black singer grew up in Chicago with a hip-hop DJ for a brother and an R&B pianist for an uncle. “You're supposed to be a hip-hop queen,” her brother once told Liz, who sang alongside a young Jennifer Hudson. Now, Toussaint is releasing her first—country—album, the Chicago Tribune reports.

“In front of my friends, we listened to Biggie Smalls and Tupac,” says the 30-year-old single mom. “I never told anybody that at home I was listening to the Dixie Chicks.” Club owners refused to book her, assuming she was a “rap act,” and Toussaint admits she’s “kind of skeptical” about winning over hardcore country fans, but she’s determined: “I'm not singing unless I'm singing country.”

Forget Red: Jackson Is NBA's Greatest

With his 10th NBA championship win yesterday, Phil Jackson has shattered the record of Red Auerbach, a man who “loathed” Jackson and believed his nine championships as coach could never be surpassed, writes Adrian Wojnarowski on Yahoo. “Roll over Red. Phil Jackson is the greatest coach ever,” Wojnarowski asserts. Jackson knows that winning isn’t about having a Kobe or a Shaq—it’s about “humanity.”

"There are few coaches alive who could’ve commanded the respect of those players for all those years." Auerbach won his championships in a different age. “These times are far more demanding on a coach, far more difficult to dominate,” yet Jackson "didn’t live in fear of a coup, or players leaving as free agents. His icons respected him for it, and ultimately, it elevated their talent." The question now is whether Jackson will stick with coaching for another season, or if, like Auerbach, he'll “leave titles on the table and walk away.”

Fashion Week Hits Africa

The recession is taking a toll on demand for haute couture, but African designers are betting the youthfulness of their industry will trump the economy at the first pan-African fashion week. “We’re growing,” says a designer from Sierra Leone who trained in New York and Paris. "The excitement of youth is what African fashion really has to offer the industry right now." The event brings 50 designers from 20 countries together in Johannesburg, Reuters reports.

“We should, in addition to admiring what comes from Western Europe, begin to look inward and admire and celebrate ourselves,” says a fashion week exec. Many attendees combine European elements with traditional African designs. “I don't want to be pigeonholed,” says one. “Obviously Africa inspires me hugely because I'm from Africa, but at the same time the real influence for my brand is the Victorian era.”

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fall Back


Everybody has heard the saying "You need to have something to fall back on". That advice is usually given to you from somebody that loves you but can't see you accomplishing your objective based on there own comfort zone. When we take time to fall back on something, we are not given our goal the attention it needs. We should be 100% focused on our objective. Eddie Murphy was asked about his success on the Arsenio Hall show. Mr Murphy said something that has stuck with me since. "I had to be a success, there was nothing to fall back on, this is it!" Mr Murphy did whatever it took to be a success, focusing only on his craft.

Most of us will continue to teach our younger loved one's to fall back on something, but we should also pray that they give enough attention to their main objectives in order for them to become a reality.

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Berlin Wall Becomes Couture

The Berlin Wall has long drawn artists, and now the murals they’ve left on its surviving stretch has inspired something else, the AP reports: fashion. Daniel Rodan designed pieces like a green mini dress featuring East Germany’s Erich Honecker kissing Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev for his collection Mauerkleider (“Wall Clothes”), unveiled yesterday. Elsewhere in fashion:

This summer, it’s all about bracelets. A thick, chunky band makes “one big, solo statement,” a magazine exec tells USA Today; or go the opposite way with bangles: “They're just fun.” Want your fashion more functional? Choose a trendy watch.
Ready to move into olfactory fashion? BlackBook investigates the best aphrodisiac scents, including the odd licorice (for women’s pleasure) and pumpkin pie (for men’s). For those who prefer to go organic, blueberries and the ever-present acai berry are natural aphrodisiacs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chuck Taylor (and Other Sneaker Names) Revealed

Some sneaker names are obvious—Air Jordan, anyone? But Mental Floss uncovered the origins of some popular brand names that are a bit more mysterious:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: A former high school basketball star, Chuck Taylor joined the Converse team in 1921 and helped launch the shoe to stardom.
Puma Clyde: The nickname of Walt Frazier, the Knicks player who asked Puma to design a wider basketball shoe.
Keds: Originally planned to be named “Peds” after the Latin word for feet, but someone else owned the rights to that name.
Reebok: Named after the rhebok, a fast African antelope.
Adidas: Does not stand for All Day I Dream About Soccer—it’s named for its owner Adi Dassler.
ASICS: An acronym for a Latin phrase meaning, “A healthy soul in a healthy body.”

It Isn't Too Good To Be True


When good arrives in a big way, we sometimes say "This Is Too Good To Be True". To decipher the difference between a huge Blessing and a con, we have to be aligned with Divine Mind (GOD). By being aligned with Divine Mind, we can feel our good before it show's up. By feeling, we have already placed our order with the Universe (Divine Mind). Meditation, prayer and faith keeps us aligned. When our good manifests it's because we are in direct alignment with Divine Energy (GOD) . Let's not miss out on what we asked or prayed for. Affirm with power, THIS ISN'T TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN FOR ME.

We get what we really want!
Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soccer, Come on Down: Carey Says You're Gonna Win

When he’s not giving away cars and vacuum cleaners to giddy contestants on The Price is Right, Drew Carey is busy revolutionizing sports. The 51-year-old comedian is a co-owner of the Seattle Sounders, arguably Major League Soccer’s most popular club. And his plan, which he puts into action in sports bars and executive meetings, is to boost soccer's profile by letting fans take charge, the Los Angeles Times reports.

One expert warns that letting fans elect the team president and vote on the GM's fate could be ruinous, but Carey, an ex-Marine, says he likes "the idea of this being a movement.” Watching fans cheer amidst showers of green and blue confetti, he marvels: “This is what American soccer can be.

Friday, June 5, 2009

This Guy Will Be Selling You Stuff Very Soon

Outside the realm of the NBA, Dwight Howard is hardly a household name. Just you wait, reports Advertising Age. The 23-year-old star of the Orlando Magic seems to have it all—youth, charisma, eccentricity, character—and advertisers are taking notice. Howard has a ton of endorsement deals already, most notably with Adidas, but he's largely been relegated to supporting roles in ads. Industry insiders think that's about to change.

"We're seeing that transformation now," says a marketer. "He's established himself as a dominant force." Nearly 9 million viewers tuned in to watch Orlando crush LeBron James' championship dreams, and Howard's jersey sales bumped up to No. 6 from 10 in the regular season. As the 7-footer faces the Lakers later tonight, advertisers will be tuning in along with hoops fans.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Black Eyed Peas' The E.N.D. Pure, Shameless, Awesome

The Black Eyed Peas' new album, The E.N.D., isn’t of much consequence, but that’s just as well. Reviewers generally appreciate the party-hardy attitude.

“Ever true to their defining characteristic, the Peas have no shame,” Ann Powers writes in the Los Angeles Times. “Fergie puts on ill-fitting dreadlocks for the faux-Jamaican Electric City and goes hilariously punk in Now Generation, a rant about social media that sounds something like Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues rewritten on a Sidekick."
“The BEPs are—to borrow from those other old-school greats, A Tribe Called Quest—'devoted to the art of moving butts,' and even if they do it with a minimum of subtlety and pacing, they still do it pretty well,” Leah Greenblatt writes in Entertainment Weekly. “When the group's glitchy future-funk beats sync up with Fergie's unabashedly feminine melodies, as on the sweetly insidious Meet Me Halfway, they find pure Top 40 nirvana.”
“The Peas hone their post-millennial party anthems to an even more piquantly peppy sheen,” Will Dukes writes in Spin. “The Peas keep it exuberantly funky. Witness the trance-y Rock Your Body, which sounds like would-be stripper music for suburban Bratz doll collectors.”

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hip-Hop Busts Out in China

You might not expect to hear freestyle rapping in Mandarin, but that sound is growing in China as youths grab hold of the outlet hip-hop offers, Time reports. “This music is free and creative. We can say what we want,” says one rapper. “There are no restrictions.” Even so, another artist points out, “the main concern is social stability. I can’t say anything that gets close to politics.”

Hip-hop is creating a common language shared by expatriates and locals, foreigners and natives. One radio show featuring up-and-coming Chinese DJs has grown to 10 million listeners and is syndicated in 85 cities, but the Chinese-American host says survival as a freestyler is still a concern among young artists: “They’ve seen people in the states get rich doing it. Nobody here’s gotten rich or famous doing it.”

BIG UP's To All My Haters!


Haters Haters Haters. What would we do without em. Some of us love them because they motivate us to keep it cracking, others lose sleep failing to realize you can't please everybody, and there is the actual hater himself whose job is to give destructive criticism, to stop you by any means necessary.

Haters are like crabs in a barrel, when they see you trying to climb out of there comfort zone they all gang up to attack. If you persist, these crab haters do something to kill your joy and your dreams completely. Haters are here and growing everyday. You can not move forward alone. GOD has to be present for help and protection. These haters are actually breaking one of the ten commandments by killing. Most of us think about killing as taking someone's life, but that's exactly what a hater is doing - taking the life of your happiness and slitting the throat of your desires. Now remember, Desires DE........Of Sire........ The FATHER. So if a hater is trying to kill what you DE SIRE, he's spitting in GOD's face because GOD placed that DE SIRE. So haters better run for cover because GOD won't let a disrespectful person like this win over you, unless you fail to take everything to HIM.
Once you go to GOD, you got supa tight Michael Jackson & 50 cent type security.

Haters have nothing going for themselves so they can't stand to see anybody moving on up.

Be a person that gets motivated by haters, they are small obstacles that can be knocked the F*** out. Haters beware, GOD don't like ugly. If you' re messin with somebody that has the protection of GOD, you are doomed!

BIG UP To All My Haters! Shawty Lo
Hate on Me..... I'm Gonna Do Me Jill Scott

Have A Wonderful Life!

GOD Bless Us ALL

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