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In today's world and in times past collaboration and partnering has been an instrumental strategy.  Partnering helps us to grow, learn, change and exchange ideas.  Even the Bible endorses partnering based on the scripture that says, "Where two or three are gathered, I am there."

I want to introduce to you a mother/son partnership, which currently launched a new clothing line.  The clothing line is called FaithWalk. The new line is created to encourage others to save themselves and to take control of their own destiny.

Renae Parker Benenson is a Mom, certified Chaplin (spiritual listener and encourager), writer and co-founder of FaithWalk.  William Marshall Parker II is a Son, entrepreneur, writer and co-founder of FaithWalk.  Together they compliment each other and have found support for their individual and collective growth and development.

They started FaithWalk because they get it.  They have figured out that their life is to get better spiritually, emotionally, financially, intellectually and physically it will be because they have prayed to God and believe that the Creator will equip them for the journey and fill them with unfathomable power to be and to do more than they can ever imagine.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

FaithWalk Interview with Mr. Exzavier M. Jones Jr., a.k.a. Providence Muzik

It’s not about the gift or talent; it’s about how you use it and who you use it for.

Listening for God is what I do whenever I commune with people. It is during that communion a story is revealed - a story that informs. Daily I find myself in the story of others. I find my longing, my fears, my courage, my strength and my determination to break through my paralysis and self judgment in order to create. When I speak to and listen to artists, I find a common consciousness and wellspring. I draw upon the artists for sustenance.

This interview offered me lots of sustenance. It is about a new artist known as Exzavier M. Jones Jr., aka Providence Muzik. He is a grounded young man, a gifted rapper and a charismatic speaker. His love for God and Music is effervescent. His spirit is humble. I was grateful for the opportunity to hear him perform live and to get an interview with him.
Martin Luther a well known theologian once said, “Music is the art of the prophets, the only art that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.” Exzavier, I thank you for your gift and talent. I appreciate the way you are using it and who you’re using it for. For those reading this article I pray you a creative break through.

I present to you Exzavier……

SC: Exzavier you have an interesting spelling of your first name and an equally interesting stage name. Could you tell me about the name, Providence Muzik?
PM: Yes….I was born in Providence Hospital on the Southside of Chicago. My birth was rather interesting in that I was born with some health complications and was rushed to Mt Sinai Hospital by helicopter. My sister shared with me this compelling story and I in turn decided to take on the name of Providence.
Providence means God’s protection and right arm. Given the nature of my birth and other interesting and significant points in my life I know God has been my protection.

SC: Has Providence always been your stage name?
PM: No, I had another name. It was Maniac. At that time I use to be a battling rapper. I got tired of dis-ing on people and decided to stop rapping. Back then I had no originality

SC: So are you saying you changed your style to become more original?
PM: Yes.

SC: Your bio indicated that you only do gospel rap now – why?
PM: I only do gospel music now because my ability to use the spoken word is a gift from God. In using my gift I have to honor Him by loving what He loves and hating what He hates. God is the center of who I am – to go outside of who I am would not allow me to be real - original.

SC: So are you saying hip hop is not of God?
PM: No, not at all: I am saying that Rap from my perspective is biblical. There is a term in the Old Testament called Shebianah. It means the rambling of the word to a rhythmic pattern. Rap is about lyrics and the way you do things. My style of Rap is the way I do things. It has a certain spirit to it.

SC: Can you describe that Spirit?
PM: Honest, potent and transparent….The Spirit of God moving and inspiring lyrical art.

SC: Do you have any role models who inspire you to do what you do?
PM: Yes, I like the group called the 116 Clique. It is a good Christian Rap Group. They inspired me to get into the Rap thing.

SC: Did you ever meet them personally?
PM: No, I only heard one of their CDs. They are kind of famous.

SC: Do you and 116 Clique share a common consciousness about Rap?
PM: We are not ashamed of the gospel. We utilize are gifts for God and His people.

SC: Do you have any other role models?
PM: Yes, my true role model is Dr. Jeremiah Cummings. He was a former Moslem under Farrakhan. He is currently Christian and an Evangelist. He was also the first tenor of the R&B group, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. One day I had an opportunity to hear his story. His testimony was Awesome! He told us that he studied 13 months and 9 hours a day in the word of God, then for 43 days he fasted. I admire him for being able to set his heart to do a thing and to stick to it - until it was accomplished. To stay consistent is an awesome discipline.

SC: What do you desire to accomplish as an artist – to move from rags to riches or to understand the need to love and to spread love using your craft?
PM: That is really a good question. My goal is to God and Music. Both bring chills to my spine because they are awesome. They cause me to come alive - like love. Through my music I want people to feel loved. I want to see people saved. In many ways I see myself as a teacher of the Spirit. I minister through music.

SC: How do you remain focused to achieve this plan?
PM: This is the most focused that I have ever been in my life. It is because of God’s grace. I have found something to care about and to stay focused on it.

SC: When some novices come into the business/the game, oftentimes they are not prepared. High visibility and unresolved issues (addictions, sex, anger, grief, and violence) trip them up. How are you dealing with unresolved issues in your life so not to get caught up and to lose your way?
PM: Wow…another good question. My answer to this is Prayer….praying in the Spirit. My two biggest issues have been lust and rejection. When I got into the Spirit and started praying God helped me to resolve my issues. But it does not stop there. Temptation is everywhere. I have had to spend lots of time in the Spirit, praying, reading the Word and allowing God to transform my character. It is never me but God working through me that allows for transformation to take place. I have also learned to stay accountable and humble enough to listen to correction. God speaks to us through people. I try to keep that in mind.

SC: As a writer for FaithWalk, I always ask the question, are you on a faithwalk?
PM: Yes I am on a FaithWalk.

SC: What have you learned about yourself while on this journey?
PM: The one thing that stands out - learning what it means when you say Jesus is Lord. Is he really leading my life and am I learning obedience.

SC: Do you have any wisdom for others who are on a faith journey?
PM: Become a God pleaser and not a man pleaser. Be more like King David rather than a King Solomon. Don’t set up monuments to yourself. Learn to submit to God. For people who are not saved…it is beautiful on the other side. Church is not perfect but neither is the world. Make an effort to do the right thing. There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Do what is right – do it God’s way. God is Love. Strive to come into alignment with God’s plan.

During my interview with Providence he mentioned that he is now a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Providence congratulation on of the many accomplishments you have achieved. You are well on your way to becoming all that God created you to be.

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